Perdido Pass 2021

Project Description

<p>The Perdido Pass project lasted 27 days and included dredging the channel and impoundment basin.</p> <p>The impoundment basin had a tremendous pay face of 16ft which equated to 315,472 cubic yards of material. The reclaimed material consisted almost entirely of sand that was used for beach restoration along the adjacent beaches along Alabama's Gulf Coast.</p> <p>The Dredge E. Stroud and beach crew performed spectacularly- placing and grading the fill material to the original template and correct dimensions as specified by the US Army Corps of Engineers.</p> <p>Additionally, this project included extensive hydrographic and topographic surveying to ensure the quality of work exceeded the expectations of all stakeholders.</p> <p>Overall, the job was a great success. We extend our sincere appreciation for the hard-working employees of Mike Hooks and for the opportunity to contribute to the continued management and development of the environment along the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico.</p>


US Army Corps of Engineers

Dredge(s) Used

Dredge E Stroud

Cubic Yards

315472 CY


27 days

Completion Date

February 2021


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