Kim McMahon, co-owner and daughter of founder, Mr. Mike Hooks, traveled to Southwest Shipyard in Galveston, Texas to attend the Steel Cutting Ceremony for Hooks’ new dredge.

McMahon, accompanied by various Hooks executives and managers, was invited to the ceremony by contractor SPI/Mobile Pulley Works to celebrate the start of construction of the state-of-the-art 27-inch custom cutter suction dredge.

As she addressed an audience of guests from Mobile Pulley, Southwest Shipyard, and Hooks’ management, McMahon formally announced that the new dredge will be named Dredge Lorraine Hooks in honor of her mother—the late matriarch of the Hooks organization.

The steel cutting for this new cutter suction dredge,” McMahon continued, “is an important milestone for Mike Hooks as we strategically invest in our fleet capacity to meet the nation’s increasing maritime infrastructure needs.

Additionally, the construction of the Lorraine marks another milestone for the Hooks organization as it is the first dredge to be built by a third-party vendor. The majority of Hooks’ existing fleet was fabricated at their own facility in Southwest Louisiana under the supervision of Mr. Hooks.

Regarding the commissioning of the new dredge, McMahon explained that Hooks selected SPI/Mobile Pully Works to design and fabricate the new dredge after seeking quotes and vetting numerous vendors along the Gulf Coast.

Design & Construction of the Lorraine

SPI/Mobile Pulley Works, located in Mobile, Alabama, specializes in iron works, machining, and fabrication. Mobile Pulley has worked closely with Mike Hooks over the years to build a strong relationship as a vendor for parts and services in support of Hooks’ dredging operations and is excited for the opportunity to be trusted with Hooks’ latest fabrication project.

According to SPI/Mobile Pulley Works, the Lorraine Hooks is scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2022.

With the delivery of the vessel scheduled for early 2022, Hooks plans to crew the vessel through a combination of existing employees as well as new applicants.

Though they have not begun accepting applications, Mike Hooks has set up a confidential contact form on their website for those who wish to express an interest in applying for a position on the Lorraine.

Hooks expects to begin taking and reviewing applications later this year. If you wish to be contacted at that time, please visit and fill out the contact form.

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