Mike Hooks’ Safety Department recently organized and oversaw operations involving the transportation of two 320 Caterpillar Long Reach Marsh Buggies across a local highway on to the  Hog Island Gully’s parking area.

Planning for Safety

After researching and confirming Louisiana DOT requirements, warning signs were placed on both sides of the road, alerting oncoming traffic about construction activities. Traffic signs were placed 1500 ft from each other with two flagmen used to direct traffic from each direction. Flagmen were equipped with standard personal protective equipment (PPE) including hardhats, Type 2 reflective vests for increased visibility, ANSI Z87 safety glasses, safety toe boots, and hand held radios to ensure continual communication across the project.


The two 320 CAT tractors crossed over the 2 lane highway from the nearby wild life refuge to the designated parking area. Rubber tires were used to protect the asphalt from being damaged with the tractor’s metal tracks. Once the tractors successfully crossed the highway, the protective tires were removed and the road was reopened. The warning signs were taken down immediately once the road was reopened.

Mike Hooks safety team poses after a successful DOT road crossing.
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Overall it was an excellent learning experience for the 11 crew members involved in this operation. Mike Hooks extends it’s appreciation to all crew members and Mike Hooks’ Safety Team for a successful operation.

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